This Friday we are looking back at a feature we released a while ago; posting to Instagram. Last week one of our competitors released a feature surprisingly similar that has created quite a buzz. So we thought we’d reassure our Sendible users that yes, we have that feature, and yes, we did it first.

Don’t be deceived

Please don’t be deceived by clever articles that aim to make you think you can post to Instagram through a 3rd party application. That simply cannot happen and after some research you will find that this is not what the application is providing.

A bit about Instagram

Instagram does NOT want to integrate with 3rd party apps, so much so that it will not release an API for posting. This means that it is impossible for anyone to post to Instagram without going through the site on a mobile device.  You’ll find that there were applications that claimed to do this before, by having a physical mobile phone on site that would upload to a person’s account. This took a lot of manpower and resources and Instagram fought back. The company stripped posts of hashtags and finally becoming tighter on get-arounds. What does this mean for Social Media Management Tools? Well simply, for now, and the foreseeable future, they will not be able to post to Instagram, via scheduling or otherwise.

What Social Media Management Tools CAN Do

We at Sendible thought long and hard into what we could to to allow scheduling to Instagram, within the confines of the company’s restrictions. We came up with a solution that meant the user would be provided with a mobile alert when the photo is set to go out. When the alert appears, one click from the user will launch the photo in the Instagram mobile app. This will still provide users with a record of Instagram posts, authorisation and workflows on their social media management tool, but just requires an extra click on a mobile device.

The best of a bad situation

We know this is not the ideal. This is certainly not what people want out of their SMMT when posting to Instagram, but this is the ONLY way at the current time to post to Instagram at pre-set times. We think this feature makes the best out of a bad situation and will save you time when posting numerous photos to Instagram. Please don’t be fooled into thinking other Social Media Management Tools are providing anything else!

Let us know if you have any questions on this integration. We want you to be clear on what you’re getting so let us know what you think! If you haven’t already tried Sendible, sign up for a free trial.


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