Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users, less competition and a more engaged user base than any other social network. Here at Sendible we realize just how important Instagram is to a successful social media strategy. We also know that due to Instagram’s limited API, it can be challenging for marketers (like us) to successfully show ROI for the brands we manage.

So our product team got together and decided to develop a solution for you in addition to our Instagram scheduling tools.

Our new Instagram automation tools help you to:

  • Generate awareness of your brand.
  • Increase reach (by gaining more followers).
  • Drive more engagement on your Instagram profile.


How our Instagram automation tools work

We all know that one of the surefire ways to grow your Instagram followers is to remain active on Instagram by posting at least 1 photo per day, using hashtags, liking at least 5 photos per day and following other Instagrammers in your niche. Sendible’s new automation service enables you to grow your audience and improve brand awareness while you sleep by automating some of the most time consuming tasks that are crucial to a successful Instagram campaign, specifically:

  • Regularly liking relevant photos in your niche.
  • Following Instagram users who are posting photos about topics in your niche.
  • Keeping your profile clean by unfollowing users who don’t follow you back.


Getting started with the Instagram Automation App

Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign in to your Sendible account, then visit +Services.
  2. On the right sidebar, click Apps.
  3. From the Apps available for you to setup is Instagram Automation. Click Add.

    Sendible's brand new automation tool for Instagram likes

    You can find the Instagram Automation app when you click to ‘Add Services’

  4. You will be presented with a set of options.
  5. Description: This is for your own reference.
  6. Instagram account: Select the Instagram account the will be used to automatically like photos and follow/unfollow users.
  7. Hashtag: Enter a hashtag that you would like to monitor for new photos.
  8. The number of photos to like each time: Every time Sendible checks for new photos matching the hashtag you chose, it will like this number of photos.
  9. The number of hours to wait between likes: Select the frequency with which Sendible will look for new photos to like.
  10. Automatically follow Instagram users: Set this option to ‘Yes’ to automatically like Instagram users whose photos match your hashtag.
  11. Unfollow Instagram users who have not followed back: Set this to ‘Yes’ to automatically unfollow Instagram users who have not followed you back within the last 24 hours.

    Instagram likes automation lets you like, follow and even unfollow user profiles based on your chosen hashtag.

    Simply select your industry related or niche hashtag.

  12. When you are happy with your settings, click Save Settings for the changes to take effect and let Sendible do its thing!
  13. You can also have Sendible send you an email notification every time photos are automatically liked.

    Instagram automation in motion.

    Liking relevant posts is much simpler with this automation tool.

  14. Also, be sure to keep an eye on your Instagram reports within Sendible to watch your follower numbers grow.

    Increase your follower base with Instagram automation tools and track results in reporting.

    By using this new Instagram automation, we gained over 35% of followers within two weeks!


Ready to scale up your Instagram marketing?

Instagram is undeniably attracting a lot of attention from users, brands and marketers alike. We recently hosted a webinar that covers why you should consider Instagram marketing, hidden features you might not know about and how to create a strategy that’s both scalable and successful.

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  • Angela West

    Will there be a feature to automate commenting – if that happens it would replace Instagress.

    • Gavin Hammar

      Great question. It is something we’re looking into and testing internally at the moment. Are there any features in particular that you are looking for with regards to automation of commenting?

  • Leanne O’Sullivan

    Will you be introducing the ability to monitor more than one hashtag?

    • Sendible_Team

      Thanks for asking, Leanne! For Instagram, each hashtag is monitored individually and to monitor multiple hashtags, you will need add each separately as a new service.

      We are looking into ways how to monitor multiple hashtags at the same time (as we do on Twitter), and hope to have this available on Sendible in the future.