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Our London-based team of engineers, product specialists & customer happiness experts strives to excel at the delivery & execution of a robust, reliable product while always putting the customer first.

Our values

Our focus

We have always focused on doing what is right for our customers. Our philosophy is to innovate and build solutions that are most useful to the majority of our users while at the same time creating a positive customer experience that cannot be found with our competitors.

Our solution

Our powerful social media management solution makes it easy for SMEs, corporate marketing teams’ and digital agencies to promote, analyze and track their brands across all social media platforms.

We provide a one-stop shop for your social media marketing needs, helping you build brand awareness by integrating social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest into a single dashboard.

What we are all about

Sendible is an innovative, value-driven technology organization, committed to building a product and culture loved by both our employees and customers. We have core values that inform every aspect of our work, culture and commitment to innovation.

Small really is beautiful

A startup’s success is driven by growth, not size. We keep that spirit alive, capitalizing on the fact that as a smaller organization we are more agile and move faster. Sendible is a unique company, culture and product. We benchmark against the best we can be – NOT our competitors, and with no shareholders, we can do things our way for OUR customers.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Our customers have helped shape the company we are and we never forget that. We always aim to delight our customers by anticipating their future needs and providing exceptional customer service.

It’s not just software

Our product is not just what we build, it is the way we are. Everyone in the company is involved in making our tool more awesome. The whole team is responsible for ensuring that it not just meets but exceeds expectations. If something isn’t right, everyone is empowered to change things and make them better!

Never lose focus

Our team is focused on strengthening our core product – making it the best social media management tool there is. We react to change through innovation, without losing sight of what matters most to our customers.

Life is short, enjoy what you do

Being part of Sendible should never feel like work. We are proud of the company we are building and look forward to every working day. Our work helps make the working lives of thousands of people around the world better. At Sendible, we encourage each other to run fast, be fearless and work hard. It’s better to try things and make mistakes than not to try at all.

Make it work, then make it better

Our primary focus is on the successful delivery of our product and new features to our customers. We also believe that shipping, no matter how big, is better than not shipping at all. The longer it takes to build something, the less likely it is to ship, so we always strive to release often and early.

Changing to progress

When we enact changes it is only to help our customers achieve their goals. We focus on delivering what you need, and what you might not have thought of yet.

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