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Let’s get straight to the exciting news …. Sendible now offers direct Instagram publishing!

Many of you have been waiting for this update but some of you might be asking, ‘what does this mean?!’ As a Facebook Marketing Partner and subsequent Instagram Partner, we work with the platforms directly give you the best solutions.

Instagram is phasing out their older Instagram API Platform and, with the improvements of the new one, allowing third party services (like us!) to extend the way you can publish content to Instagram.

Start posting photos directly to Instagram from Sendible, without having to use the mobile app notifications!

You’ll be able to post directly to Instagram by setting up your Instagram Business Profile as a new service within Sendible. Note: Instagram currently only allows single photo sharing (.jpg and .png files). To schedule videos and multiple photos, you can continue to publish through the push-notification process with our mobile app.


So, how do you get started with direct Instagram publishing?

Get started with Instagram publishing

If you’re already a Sendible user, you can start using this new feature right away! You just need to follow the two steps below.


1. Set up your Instagram Business Profile

If you haven’t already converted to a Business Profile on Instagram, now’s the time! You will only be able to post directly to Instagram with a Business Profile but not to worry, it will only take a minute of your time to convert your current profile.

How to set up an Instagram Business Profile
Image source: Facebook

Simply navigate to the cog wheel icon on your Instagram profile screen and then select “Switch to Business Profile.” Note that at this stage, you will be asked to link your Instagram profile with the Facebook Page for your business.

Bonus: Switching to an Instagram Business Profile gives you access to valuable information, such as detailed post analytics and the ability to add more details (like email and phone number) to allow your followers to further connect with you.

Want a little visual guidance? Walk through the process with these simple instructions from Facebook.


2. Connect your Instagram Business Profile as a service on Sendible

Once you’ve converted your profile:

  • Log into your Sendible account.
  • Navigate to the ‘+Services’ tab within Sendible.
  • Select ‘Add Services’.
  • Click on the Instagram logo.
  • Choose the ‘Instagram Business Profile’ service.
  • Continue with authorizing your account and … voila!

Note: The new Instagram API is connected to Facebook so make sure that you are logged into the right Facebook account while connecting your Instagram Business Profile to Sendible. Check out our step-by-step guide on setting this up on our Support Portal. If you encounter any issues at all, please refer to our troubleshooting guide for adding Instagram Business Profile(s) to Sendible.

How to set up Instagram Business Profile scheduling with Sendible


To ensure that the image is published, make sure it is under 5MB when posting from the platform and has a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. This falls under the image requirements for Instagram Business set by Facebook.


Not a Sendible user? Trial free for 30 days to test out Instagram scheduling. 


What if I want to schedule videos?

As mentioned above, the new Instagram API currently only supports publishing one image at the time in formats .jpg or .png. If you are looking to schedule videos, it’s possible with our other Instagram service, called ‘Instagram Post’.

With this service, you can schedule posts as you would for any other network but you will receive a push notification and email at the time of publishing. It takes only a few taps on the Sendible mobile app to publish the post on Instagram. The caption with hashtags will be automatically copied into your clipboard and you will have the chance to edit the photos or video with Instagram’s editing tools.


Should I schedule the same post to Instagram and other networks?

While Instagram does offer the option to automatically share your posts to Facebook and Twitter, we would recommend not to do this, and instead customize content for each social network. Sendible has recently released Smart Posts, a feature that allows you to schedule your social media posts to all key networks in the same window, while customizing your copy and hashtags for each individually to boost organic engagement.


Publish your Instagram content on multiple platforms


Other useful Instagram resources

Want to know more about creating and maintaining a winning approach to Instagram? With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the place to visually showcase what sets your brand apart. It’s a place to educate your audience or wow people with your products. In many cases, Instagram is a way to give people an authentic, behind the scenes look at your business and why they’d want to work for you.

Whatever your unique objective is for your Instagram presence, test the limits of what you’re doing to drive yourself and challenge yourself to raise the bar.

General Instagram business tips
Managing Instagram through Sendible


Ready to rock and roll?

We’re just as excited as you are to see Instagram publishing take off in Sendible! Let us know how you’re feeling about it by leaving a comment or reaching out to hello@sendible.com.

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  • curtis

    We have multiple pages and we manage all of them through facebook business manager. When I try to connect my instagram business profile it tries to do it through my personal facebook account. Is there a way to connect it to business manager?

    • http://www.sendible.com/ Sendible_Team

      Hi Curtis, thanks for commenting.

      It appears that you were almost there to finish the addition of the new Instagram service.

      Our tool, Sendible will ask to access your personal Facebook profile because it needs to verify as an admin of the Page you are connecting. This is similar to when you add Facebook Pages to the Business Manager.

      You will most likely find our step-by-step guide useful: https://support.sendible.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000148443

      As you can see, the authorization of your personal profile is step #4.

      Hope this helps and please do let us know how you get on. ^VB

      • Curtis

        When I get to that step to select from the drop down menu, nothing appears?

        • curtis

          nevermind, i figured it out! Thank you!

          • http://www.sendible.com/ Sendible_Team

            No worries, Curtis! 🙂 We are glad that it’s working fine for you. ^VB

  • http://www.gosynergymc.com Erika Jones

    I have several accounts that I manage that are not necessarily linked to my Facebook account. They are linked to my Facebook Business manager, but are not showing up in Sendible as an option….

    • http://www.sendible.com/ Sendible_Team

      Hello Erika, thank you for getting in touch.

      In order to add the “Instagram Business Profile” service you will need to be logged into the correct Facebook account that’s linked to the Instagram Business Profile you’d like to publish photos to. This is because the new API requires a connection to Facebook and Instagram at the same time to work.

      We have a step-by-step guide for this on our Support Portal: https://support.sendible.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000148443

      Could you please try again and let us know if it worked for you? 🙂 ^VB

  • http://www.trinacle.com Lion From Zion

    Can we get this going for Whitelabel rollouts?

    • http://www.sendible.com/ Sendible_Team

      Hello Lion From Zion, thank you for asking.

      Due to the new API only being available to official Instagram Partners, it will take a little longer to have this added to your white label as a non-Sendible branded service.

      We will contact you personally once we have received confirmation from Facebook. Please feel free to get in touch with your account manager or via email hello@sendible.com!

      Hope this helps. ^VB

  • Asma Inayat

    Hi, I already have an account on Sendible and have been using the mobile app to post. Our Instagram page is already a business page. So, do I need to reconnect? If I reconnect, how will it impact my historical data on Instagram?

    • http://www.sendible.com/ Sendible_Team

      Hi Asma, thank you for reaching out.

      If you’d like to publish photos directly to your Instagram Business Profile (without the mobile app), you will need to set up an additional service called ‘Instagram Business Profile (Beta)’. The reason a new service needs to be set up is because Instagram has released an entirely new API to make direct publishing possible.

      That said, this feature is still quite limited (you can only post one photo at the time), so we recommend that you leave your original ‘Instagram Post’ service connected to retain your historical data and the ability to schedule a video or multiple photos.

      Our support team has written a useful article om how to add the service: https://support.sendible.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000148443-How-do-I-add-an-Instagram-Business-Posting-Service-

      Once the service is added, you will need to select the new service in the Compose Box when creating your social media post like you would do with any other social media network.

      Should you have any issues during the set up, please have a look at our troubleshooting guide: https://support.sendible.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000175586-Troubleshooting-Instagram-Business-Profiles

      Hope this helps! ^Veronika