How to Decipher Big Data to Enhance Your Client’s Social Media Performance

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  • 45m

Discover how agencies can use advanced reporting to help enhance their clients’ social media and digital strategies.

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With the ever growing number of digital data sources that agencies have to manage and analyze for their clients, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to collate and extract actionable insights.

Digital analytics can be a gold mine for finding opportunities, not only for lead generation but to also give clear indications on what is and isn’t working in your strategy.

We’re frequently asked by agencies “How do we manage all our clients’ digital marketing data in a simplified way?”. To help answer this question we’ve teamed up with NinjaCat, a leader in reporting, monitoring and call tracking software for agencies. Together we show how advanced analytics help agencies create a superior social media and digital strategy for their clients.

We uncover the pain points agencies are facing in terms of data overload and how NinjaCat and Sendible can help overcome these hurdles, alongside building a strategy and gaining a holistic view of your clients’ digital analytics.

Discover the tools and strategy your agency needs to decipher the storm of data to help your clients succeed. This webinar covers:

  • Pain points: The issues agencies face with Big Data.
  • Streamline: The importance of meaningful and organized data.
  • Centralize: How to create an agency data hub.
  • KPIs: Create goals, that you can monitor and measure.
  • Software: See the analytics features from NinjaCat and Sendible in action.

If you’re a digital agency that’s looking to increase productivity in managing your clients’ analytics and implement a data-driven strategy, then this is a webinar not to miss.

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Sendible has the best customer service, the most features, and constant development to keep pace with the fast-changing social media landscape. Absolutely the best choice for professionals.

Adriana Tica Founder - Idunn, Bucharest, Romania

First and foremost, Sendible is a great, easy-to-use tool with more functions than any other social media management tool I’ve come across.

Alice Griffin Content Writer for isango - Isango, London, UK

Sendible takes the headache out of social media management. From planning to pushing out posts and driving customer engagement.

Matthew White CEO - Qebot, San Francisco, US

Sendible has saved us heaps of time, there is no longer a big panic to send out social media content as it is all automated.

Jason Hulott Marketing Director - Speedie Consulting, Kent, UK

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