Simplify the Way You Visualize Your Clients’ Social Media Strategies

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Gaining a holistic view of your clients’ planned social media strategy is vital to ensure your agency is agile. Our new calendar helps you react to change and implement enhancements quickly.

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Webinar Details

It can be a complicated task to map out your client’s social media strategy, especially with the growing number of platforms available and the need to increase productivity by planning and scheduling posts far in advance.

Marketers need a visually pleasing and holistic view of their clients’ strategies, and with that in mind, we revamped our social media calendar.

We talk about how our new calendar coupled with our new Reports Hub will give you valuable insights and control over your clients’ content schedules. Here’s what we’ll explore:

  • Planning: How to take a holistic view when planning your campaigns.
  • Strategy: Understanding the most effective types of content to use.
  • Collaboration: Working with your team and approving content to increase productivity.
  • Visibility: Having a complete or segmented view of your schedule by filtering between scheduled posts, social networks and clients.
  • Reacting: Pivoting quickly to ensure that the most effective content types are being scheduled on the right networks at the most optimal times.

The webinar is packed with helpful tips on how to plan your social media calendar, featuring a live demonstration and a Q&A session.

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What our customers are saying

Sendible has the best customer service, the most features, and constant development to keep pace with the fast-changing social media landscape. Absolutely the best choice for professionals.

Adriana Tica Founder - Idunn, Bucharest, Romania

First and foremost, Sendible is a great, easy-to-use tool with more functions than any other social media management tool I’ve come across.

Alice Griffin Content Writer for isango - Isango, London, UK

Sendible takes the headache out of social media management. From planning to pushing out posts and driving customer engagement.

Matthew White CEO - Qebot, San Francisco, US

Sendible has saved us heaps of time, there is no longer a big panic to send out social media content as it is all automated.

Jason Hulott Marketing Director - Speedie Consulting, Kent, UK

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