The Top 5 Reasons To Use Sendible
Instead of Sprout Social

"Great! Simplifies the way I schedule daily social media. Saves me time and is easy to use."
- Leah Drayer (G2Crowd Reviews)

Sprouts Need Networks to Flourish

"Businesses who wish to manage content outside of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn should consider Sendible. Sprout Social is limited to four social media networking sites while Sendible offers a wide range of support including location based services and photo and video sites."

- RockStar Social


#1 Go Beyond Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+

With an ever-changing social media landscape, Sendible interacts with the latest social networks and blogging platforms ensuring maximum engagement and exposure for your brand. With support for Pinterest, Wordpress, Tumblr, Flickr and many more – Sendible’s got you covered.

#2 A New Revenue Stream For Your Organization

Your brand is important to you so why not let your clients access a personalized branded social media management dashboard for your company. Help provide a more inclusive approach to social and bolster additional revenue streams for your agency.

#3 Generate Leads For Your Business (While You Sleep)

Save time and sanity using Sendible’s impressive suite of automation features. Automatically start conversations and generate relevant leads by geographically targeting individuals who mention specific terms on social media.

#4 Double Conversion Rates With A Complete Social CRM

It’s a known fact that social media is 100% more effective when combined with other marketing channels. Sendible’s Social CRM combined with built-in Email and SMS marketing tools make it easy to convert social leads by reaching them wherever they are.

#5 Never Miss A Beat With 360˚ Brand Monitoring

Don’t just monitor Facebook and Twitter - cast your net across the broader social web – with over 100 monitoring integrations including Google Alerts. Instantly understand the feeling towards your brand and competitors with Sendible’s powerful sentiment scoring algorithm.

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