Overview of Sendible

This is a short, animated video explaining what the Sendible platform does.

Getting Started

This video shows you how to manage Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress using Sendible.


This video shows you to monitor what people are saying about you on the social web.

Managing Social Streams

This video shows you how to manage multiple social streams on Facebook, Twitter and others.

Managing Multiple Clients

This video shows how to create users, set permissions and manage multiple clients.

Email Marketing

This video shows you how to reach new and existing customers with email marketing.

Branded Posts

This video shows you how to replace "via Sendible" with your own branding on social updates.

Twitter Automation

This video shows you how to automatically engage with potential customers on Twitter.


Case Studies






How To's

How to use Sendible for email marketing

How to setup automatic Twitter replies on Sendible

How to share social media accounts with team members

How to post Facebook link previews using Sendible

How to send SMS text messages to a group using Sendible

How to automate Facebook birthday wall posts

How to post to Facebook photo albums using Sendible

How to schedule Facebook Page updates and Twitter posts

How to manage social media accounts for multiple clients


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