Social media management for business means learning about your influencers, in this video we show you how.

In your inbox click on the individual’s name to load up their profile. Information is recorded from various sources: their Twitter Bio, Klout score (how influential they are on social web), their Timeline, recent Mentions, Favourites. In Advanced features Sendible is integrated with PeerIndex which displays their topics of interest, Benchmark Topics (what they post about), PeerIndex, Activity, Authority and Audience score, also where they are located in the world.

Additionally check who they influence, who influences them and choose whether to follow them from the dashboard.

You can either reply or Direct message them.

Click on Save Contact- this is part of our social CRM- insert the individual’s name, set the Contact Type e.g. opportunity, select the Lead Source e.g. social media.

Contact Information is the next tab, add their social profile by searching on LinkedIn for example. Once you have their contact information, including their E-mail address, you are able to remarket to them through an E-mail campaign which encourages more positive results.


Manal Bouchacra

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