Twitter Auto-reply is one of the many useful features in social media management, it saves time and encourages engagement.

Click Services, on the left select Apps. Once you find the Twitter Auto Reply service click Add.

Please provide a description for your own reference and select which Twitter account you would like to apply the automation to.

Decide whether you would like to send replies to Twitter users based on Tweets or Profile.

Include the keywords that guide the system when searching and determine how often to look for relevant matches.

Next please add your replies, we recommend you type in a few to avoid coming across too automated, be sure to include each on a separate line. Merged tags can make it more personalised.

Select how many tweets you would like sent out each time, whether to reply to positive or negative sentiment.

You are able to specialise by country, language, towns, city and radius. Would you like to automatically follow those who reply? Feel free to do so.

For E-mail notifications simply enter your desired e-mail address(es) and finally Save Settings to start your service.


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