When would I use an Email Auto Responder?

Using the Email Auto Responder, you can pre-schedule automated emails for birthdays or event alerts that are sent as soon as your customers subscribe via our Widget.

To set up an Email Auto Responder:

  1. Go to Automation and click Add on the right of Email Auto Responder.
  2. Description – Add a description for your own reference.
  3. Group – Select a group you wish to utilize.
  4. Sends – Select the date you wish for the email to be sent.
  5. Time – Select the time you wish for the email to be sent.
  6. Subject – Provide your email with a subject.
  7. Message – Type your message.
  8. Notify me via email when sent – Select whether you want an email when your email is sent.
  9. Select Save Settings.

See Merge Tags for information on how to utilize this feature.