In my quest to bring you Youtube tips that matter for your business, I have now reached the third and final installment of this series (except for the bonus coming next time). I hope that they have been useful and informative to you, as I don’t get much else out of this except knowing (or at least hoping) that I am helping in some way.

I know that occasionally my tips seem a little bit “big-picture” instead of pin-point specific, but that is by design. There are too many of you who are taking these kinds of things for granted and not getting down into the mud to make them happen. You can’t dig for the gold until you’ve jumped into the hole. That said, here we go.

7. Analysis is Vital – Just Ask Your Shrink

Keeping track of your engagement, analyzing positive and negative sentiment, measuring the reach of your videos, and determining your ROI is just part of business, and it is an extremely important part of it.

Keeping up with a single YouTube channel properly can be a daunting task, especially if you get a lot of views and comments (which is the goal, of course). Add to that a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, a set of Pinterest boards, your LinkedIn profile, your blog, your Google+ page…whew, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about the man-hours that would require for a business with any kind of presence.

There is an answer, however, thanks to the miracle of modern social media measurement tools. These dashboards will track all of the above for you and give you the results in reports and graphs that will keep you from having to add a new division to the company. They are indispensable and affordable for any size company, from a solo-preneur to a fortune 500 monster.

8. You’re Up for a Promotion!

It’s so easy! Shoot a video, put it up on your Youtube channel, and voila! Everyone stops by to see it, right? Ummm, no.

Just like anything else online, promotion is necessary to get the word out and, hopefully, get some traffic. As I have covered before in many articles, cross-promotion of your business’ various online channels is not only a good practice, but a necessary part of extending reach.

Whenever you post a new video, it should be announced through a tweet, Facebook post, blog entry, and any other site or page maintained by the business. Youtube has so many videos added every hour that it boggles the mind, so the chance that yours is the one that will be viewed just because it’s there is ludicrous and wishful thinking. Promote it often, and encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel – every time.

9. Make friends, play nice

Although Youtube is a slightly different animal than other social sites, the social aspect is still important. In fact, it may be more important simply because of the difference in platform. The site is based on watching the videos, not sharing short, cute phrases or snippets of information that can be squeezed into a sentence or two. In order to make it a social interaction, it takes a little more effort.

Youtube is a community like any other online community though, and regular users want that interaction. Just as you would follow or friend someone on another site, you should subscribe to channels that are in the demographic you are after. This will not only gain you a little favor (because you now like them), but it will give you insight into what they like, which will help you to create videos they will enjoy more. Comment on others’ videos as well, just as you should on blog posts, or retweeting, or liking and sharing. It’s the interaction that garners followers, in addition to quality content.

So, did you learn anything? Were you inspired to take any actions that you had been putting off? I’d love to know that I made a difference, even in a small way, so please leave me a comment below.

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