We’re discussing the magic of YouTube in this series, the video portion of your online marketing strategy. In the old days, there were newspaper ads, billboards, direct mail, and television ads. Today these have been replaced by WordPress, Pinterest, email, and YouTube.

When you think about it that way, leaving YouTube out of the equation doesn’t make much sense. So here are 3 more tips to follow last week’s post on how to make the most of your videos. And we’re off!

4. Tag! You’re It!

Tagging is the great organizer of the new web. Folders and playlists are nice, but if you really want to cross-reference multiple ideas and make things the easiest to find, you’ve got to tag them. All software and sites worth their salt have great tagging systems for organization. It’s the key to maximizing tools like Evernote, and the reason that the old tree-file system is considered a dinosaur by the informed crowd.

As an example, let’s say that you have a site that sells clothing and you sell 100 different brands in every size and shape known to mankind. Oh, and don’t forget colors. Adding a list of tags to every video of size, gender, color, season, and style would make it much, much easier for someone to find a size 8 women’s red sleeveless blouse for summer (tagged with size 8, women’s, red, sleeveless, blouse, and summer – see how that works?)

5. Links – They Aren’t Just for Sausage Anymore

I know, you’re thinking “how can I add a link in my video?” Well, you just add it in the description! And you should – every time. Remember, your channel is not a standalone site, it’s a part of your business marketing plan, and an important one.

In addition to tagging and organizing your videos, linking to your website, your Facebook Page, Twitter page, or other social sites (and non-social sites) is a key part of spreading the message of your awesome company. Help them find you everywhere!

6. Moderation in Excess

One thing you will notice on YouTube channel pages is that they are (overly) prone to negative or disparaging comments. I believe this is primarily because of the (*ahem*) younger generation’s proclivity to the site, but hey – that’s just me. Regardless of the reasons, they show up often.

Removing a negative comment simply because it is negative is not a good practice. Negative comments that reflect an issue which could be addressed and/or corrected should be responded to in order to attempt to convert a detractor into a promoter. These are opportunities for improvement. However, comments which are nothing more than slander or obscenity for their own sake should be moderated out – immediately. Like now. Within a few hours maximum if at possible.

Negative comments that are left unmoderated are like a slow poison. They will kill your reputation on search engines and elsewhere. Thankfully, there are social media management tools to help with this.

That’s all I have for this post, but if you heed my advice that’s a lot. Nevertheless, I will be back yet again to throw 3 more tips at you next go ‘round, Lord willing and da creek don’t rise.

Anything in these 3 tips that struck a chord? Do your current YouTube practices follow these tips?

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