We’ve had a few users stating that their posts to LinkedIn or Google+ aren’t going through. We wanted to be open and transparent making sure this can be easily diagnosed and resolved rather than becoming an on-going issue.  If you’ve already tried reconnecting as we suggest on the following pages;



Here’s a few other reasons why your posts may not be successfully staking their claim to a piece of social media glory –

Let’s start with LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn limits the amount of times we can post to LinkedIn per user. To reduce the likelihood of this affecting your posts to LinkedIn, we advise that you stagger your posts, eg. schedule them so they go out every few minutes instead of all in one go. Currently LinkedIn also only allows up to 5 messages to be sent to individual LinkedIn contacts per hour so, if you try to send more, after the first 5 messages, the rest won’t be sent. You can find more information about this on the following page, if you scroll down you’ll find any easy to understand table which shows the limits LinkedIn have placed on their API (each Sendible user account will be considered as a ‘Per User’: https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/throttle-limits )
  2. Currently posts with photos will be converted into link previews automatically as the LinkedIn API currently only allows us to post these. To check how you image will be posted and to change adjust this if necessary, please see the following page on link previews: http://sendible.com/insights/how-to-post-facebook-link-previews-using-sendible/
  3. If you’re posting to a group and your post will need to be approved by that group’s Administrator, LinkedIn may reject the post altogether.  You can check whether this is happening by posting directly on LinkedIn where you will be able to see if the post is submitted for approval.

Now that we’ve covered LinkedIn, let’s move onto Google+:

  1. Currently you’ll just be able to add your Google+ pages to Sendible, as yet, they’ve not let us loose on Google Profiles so, if you’re trying to add your profile and it’s not working, this is why.
  2. As yet, Google+ will only allow one image to be posted at a time through their API. This may change in the future but right now, if you try to include a number of images in your message, only the first image will be posted.
  3. Google + also have limitations on what’s termed as ‘Requests’ e.g. every time you post a message, every time we stream a message from your Google+ page into your Inbox and any other requests for information that we make. This will only affect you if you’re sending rebranded posts to Google + as you will have been assigned your own App and the limit for your App will stand at 10,000 requests per day so it is unlikely it will affect you unless you are managing a very high number of Google+ pages.

These tips cover most reasons why your posts to these social sites may not be posted successfully however, if you’re still unsure what could be causing your posts to these sites to bounce, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us –  support@sendible.com


Claire Van Hespen

Claire has been with Sendible for 3 years and knows the tool inside-out. When not at work, she can be found attached to her games controller, paint brush or with a book.

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