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Acing social media this year will take effort, dedication and creative flair like no other before it. It’s time to dress up, turn up and make your social media channels deliver results beyond impressions.

So we wrote down the nine marketing resolutions that any modern social media marketer could aspire to fulfill. No matter whether you work for an agency or a company in-house, or even freelance – all of these can help you make this your best year yet.


Marketing resolutions for acing social media in the new year

1. Commit to tracking strategies and results

Proving ROI of social media activities is tough work. Sure, social media reporting tools can ease the pain, but agency clients demand insights that justify their spend. Each campaign must be tracked to discover its long-lasting impact on your client’s bottom line. This applies to each marketing channel that is being overseen – social, email, blog, SEO and paid advertising.

So it’s a good plan to improve tracking your results and strategy. Use your social media analytics tool to create custom reports that make reporting efficient and effortless. You can also create a separate reporting sheet that you fill in every morning with stats about metrics concerning other channels.

Build an impressive sheet with enough data your clients can’t find elsewhere.

Do the same for each client you have. By spending a little time each day you will build an impressive sheet with enough data your clients can’t find elsewhere. Not to mention, agency clients will take great reassurance that you are right on top of their stats.


2. Get a social media health check

Keeping your social media profiles up to date is a must – no slip-ups allowed. The start of a new year is a great time to update profile information, header photos and contact details. Social media image sizes change frequently, so it’s a good call to double check if yours are optimized.

Positive trends and improved results keep clients happy, so make sure you also follow the best practices for each social network. Strip away the inactive, spammy accounts and replace them with influencers from your industry, suppliers and local businesses.


3. Create even better content

Let’s talk about the last few social media posts that went out. Were they really useful? Did they help or entertain the audience? Maybe one was a kind shout out or mention? If you’ve answered “no” to all three, chances are some improvements can be made. In the new year, make creating awesome content that delivers results a priority.

Focus on social listening and get to know your client’s customers better. Go to websites and social networks where they go. Look for phrases they use and the content they already share and enjoy. Fine tune your buyer persona to make the content you create resonate with them and drive the results you need.


4. Plan social media campaigns further ahead

Want to be more productive with managing social media? Plan thoroughly and schedule in advance. Once the social media strategy is confirmed, start filling in the gaps in your content schedule.

First, write down all key product releases (or launches) and the big events relevant to your clients this year. Next, fill up the social media calendar with national (and fun) events – these are ideal for getting extra exposure on social. Finally, schedule all these in with the help of your favorite social media scheduling tool and you’re off to the races!

Planning your social media for the summer? Download our free calendar of key dates and their hashtags to stay ahead of trending topics.


5. Try new things

By being more proactive, you will have more time to be reactive when something great comes along. Take the time to play around with the new features on social media networks. Why not try Instagram Stories, use more Snapchat filters, create a poll on Twitter or stream live video with Facebook Live?


6. Help provide fantastic customer service

Fantastic customer experiences lead to higher conversion rates. Keep a lookout for customer service queries and feedback – it’s a good way to start a conversation, and who knows, maybe even a sales opportunity. If so, turn these questions (or complaints) into opportunities with timely and witty responses. Also take the time to optimize your clients’ process for passing leads – we work better when we work together.

Turn questions (or complaints) into opportunities with timely and witty responses.


7. Dip your toes in CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help you make better sense of the customer journey. Equally, they can help engage with the right prospects and create better content to drive results. Some social media tools feature a social CRM that can save hours of work and help attract quality leads. The right tool will let you do both, store contact details for easy access and email your contacts without leaving the dashboard.


8. Use your SEO knowledge

SEO and social media are closer than ever, so you don’t want to be missing out on the benefits of implementing the right practices. Use keywords in your social media posts, use hashtags when appropriate and create good backlinks where possible. Invest time in updating local listings and your social media profiles with fresh, keyword-driven copy.


9. Create unique visuals for everything

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop pestering designers and finally be able to create your own designs and graphics for social? The answer is simple: learn and practice. With so many tools out there, there’s plenty of choice – between starting a course for Adobe Suite or using one of the online graphics tool available, like Canva. And while you are at it, why not improve your writing with other marketing tools as well?


Summing it up

As with any new year’s resolution, marketing resolutions are grand and it takes a lot of commitment to fulfill them.

  1. Commit to tracking strategies and results
  2. Get a social media health check
  3. Create even better content
  4. Plan social media campaigns further ahead
  5. Try new things
  6. Improve relationships and the leads process
  7. Dip your toes in CRM
  8. Use your SEO knowledge
  9. Create unique visuals for everything.

Let me know in the comments if there was one resolution that particularly struck a chord with you. Or maybe, there is one that we didn’t mention?

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