To get started with Sendible’s Social Media Monitoring head over to Add/Edit Services > Monitoring> Brand and Keyword Monitoring, Click Add.

Description: That’s for your reference only, use a name that describes the term you are setting up

Brand Name(s) or Term(s): Enter the keywords or phrases that you want to track for here. This field is where you can enter:
•    Individual keywords
•    Twitter Handles
•    URLs
•    Exact Phrases
•    Hashtags

To separate monitoring terms use the word – OR

When searching for any term with special characters (Such as: @ # ‘ . & _ % ). Make sure you put quotation marks (“) around the whole phrase, Twitter handle, hashtag or URL
•    Brand names (e.g. Chevrolet)
•    Product names (e.g.  Covette)
•    Competitor names (e.g. Toyota OR Ford OR Volkswagen)
•    Twitter handles(e.g. “@chevrolet”)
•    Twitter Hashtage (e.g. “#Drivechevy”)
•    URLs (e.g. “” )
•    Exact phrases (e.g. “I love to drive”)
•    Multiple key words in same  mention (e.g. Buy Car)

Use your inclusion and exclusion filter to help narrow down search parameters

If there are specific terms that you do/ do not want included, enter the keywords or phrases in the appropriate fields from your search using the same rules above.

Add a Google alerts feed – click Create a Google Alerts Feed »
– Now, in a separate browser window, login to your Google Alerts
– Make sure that where it says “deliver to”, you change that to say “feed”
– Now, while pointing at/hovering over the orange RSS icon to the right of the words “Feed”, right-click, and select “copy link location” (note: don’t choose “copy image location” by mistake)
– Click back to the Sendible browser window, and “paste” that link into the Google Alerts feed field.  The link should look like this:  http://www.alerts/feeds/##########, where # represents a bunch of numbers.
– Now, click to the beginning of this feed address, and delete the http://, since Sendible already has this selected for you in the previous box.

– You can geo-target keywords from a specific location select your country and location. You can edit the Longitude and latitude if needed and adjust a distance radius (in miles).
– You can chose to receive email notifications and add additional email addresses to receive these alerts simply separate multiple email addresses with commas.

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