Now that you’ve got your proverbial foot in the door, it’s time to start maximizing your efforts on Pinterest. There is a huge market to contact and untold dollars to be spent when the chemistry is right, so it’s time to start figuring out how to get that chemistry right.

Here are two more tips that will give you a leg up on the lackadaisical business who either doesn’t have a Pinterest account or isn’t using it well.

Make your Pictures Informative

Remember that your Pinterest pins are there to drive viewers to your website. We all wish it were as easy as posting a great picture and having a click or repin instantly be a sale, but that’s not how things work. The pin should send viewers to the product page on your site where they can learn more and, more importantly, add it to their carts to order from you.

With that in mind, text added to the image can be used here to add needed information in helping the potential customer want to click, such as something unique about the product that isn’t obvious from the picture or the fact that you can get the product in multiple colors or styles. You could introduce a new product line this way as well.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You’re goal is to turn a picture plus words into a thousand dollars (for starters). Make sure that any text is used sparingly, however. A little information as a teaser is good, but if you write a book with your image people will quickly gloss over it and move on.


Use Deal Alerts

Even though Pinterest is already the best social media platform for increasing sales, there is still a lot of room for opportunity and growth. For example, almost twice as many Facebook users as Pinterest users said that they were driven to a purchase from a deal alert on the site, and over 50% more Twitter users said the same thing.

We already know from previous statistics that Pinterest is the site which drives the biggest percentage of product discovery and sales from those product posts, yet finding deals through the site lags the other social outlets. This leaves a huge opportunity for businesses.

The BizRate report cited earlier (last post) found that fully 70% of Pinterest users said they are on the site to find inspiration for what to buy, compared to a mere 17% on Facebook. In case you didn’t catch that, those 70% said that finding something to buy is their reason for using the site. Talk about a ready-made market where you can just walk into and set up shop.

Then take into account the massively growing number of “daily deal” sites and apps out there, on top of the fact that 80% of Pinterest users are women and 50% of them have children, and you have a shopping frenzy just waiting for the right catalyst. Once you have them clicking to your site, the results are not minor. Purchasers referred from Pinterest spend 70% more than those referred from non-social sites. That’s no small matter.

So set up a deal alert system for your business. Maybe you could design a certain graphic that is emblematic of a “deal item” that would grab attention right away, simply replacing the image and text each time. Whatever system you come up with, it is more than obvious from the numbers and the habits of users that promoting deals on Pinterest could bring a pretty large addition to your monthly sales numbers.


Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.

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