We are excited to announce the full release of Sendible’s new Pinterest service. This new feature has been added alongside our other social networks integrations in Sendible’s all-in-one social media management dashboard. This feature update enables you to post/schedule pins to specific boards and retrieve detailed analytics to your reporting dashboard.

Adding the Service:

Head over to:
Add/ Edit Services > Social > Pinterest > Add

You will need two bits of information:

  • – The board URL that you would like to post to. (You will have to own it or have posting permissions to it)
  • – Your Pinterest login details.



You’ve got options:

1)    Attach as a link Preview

2)    Upload a Photo with a link

3)    Attach a YouTube or Vimeo Video

Option 1

  • – Select your Service from the compose message box
  • – Select URL > Input your URL in the space provided.
  • – Select attach and then select your image with the arrows.
  • – Select Attach Link Preview.

Option 2

  • – Select Your Pinterest Board from your compose message box.
  • – Click Photo or File and browse for an image on your computer.
  • – Click on the Link icon to attach a link to the image. Click Attach Link Preview.

Option 3

  • – To post a video, either with YouTube or Vimeo – Click ‘URL’ and then insert the share URL for the video > Click Attach link Preview.

Note: if you have YouTube added as a service already on your account you can access your channel videos by clicking on ‘attach video’.


Viewing analytics and creating reports:

Head over to:

My Reports > Report builder > Add Modules > Channels > Pinterest > Setup

There you can add modules relating to:

  • – The number of boards in this Pinterest account.
  • – The number of people following this Pinterest account.
  • – The number of people being followed by this Pinterest account.
  • – The number of likes made by this Pinterest account.
  • – The number of pins made by this Pinterest account.


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Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.

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