A couple of weeks ago we announced a new change to our ‘Suggested Content’ and explained the importance of curating content. As mentioned in previous posts, content curation can help grow your business by increasing audience engagement. Posting relevant, engaging content in Sendible is a quick and cost-effective way to improve the ‘buzz’ and positive sentiment around your brand. This week we are looking at a feature to be released next week that will add another dimension to your content curation. We will give you the ability to advertise on the pages of content you share, for free!

Advertise on the pages of the links you share

You know that it is important to share content for your audience to read, and maybe you already have a growing audience, but what if there was a way to remind that same reader of your brand after they have clicked through to the shared content? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you…Snip.ly! If you haven’t heard about Snip.ly already, it’s a way to brand all the links that you share online, i.e. when someone clicks on a link you share, your logo and message (and even action!) will still feature within that page. A custom message is attached to the shared page itself where you can link back to your website, shop, event page… the possibilities here are endless! By adding this dimension to all content you share you are maximizing your website traffic, which in turn will increase the likelihood of your audience actually purchasing your product or service. UsingSnip.ly in your Sendible account will dramatically boost your ROI by turning your followers into customers.

How this works, in practice

Let’s look at an example of how this would work. Sendible is trying to increase the downloading of their iOS companion application. If we want to target Apple users, we could curate and an article that is directly related to Apple users (a new Apple product, a review, any related content). Making sure we ‘snip’ the link, we are then able to put our branded related message on it. The linked content looks exactly the same as before, but now when our target audience read the article, they also receive a message on the page, prompting them to go ahead and download our application. All this without spending an extra penny.


We can also track this link using Sendible’s link tracking tools. Using the analytics provided by Sendible, we can also now prove the success of the campaign, or understand what works better.

Easy to use with your Sendible account

Using Snip.ly is really simple to do in Sendible. Simply open the compose box and enter the links you wish to ‘snip’. Then just click the ‘sniply’ icon.

You will be presented with your previously used Snip.ly templates to use, or an option to create a new one. Within two clicks you will have ‘snipped’ your link and you can now share with your followers, to all your social channels.

Learn how to use Snip.ly with Sendible

Sendible provides many options to customize your links, these include previews, tracking, shortening and many more. For more information on how you can make the most out of your Sendible account, contact us for a free product demo. We hope you are excited about the arrival of this new feature! Leave us a comment to let us know what you think. If you do not already have an account with Sendible then sign up for a free 30-day trial!

Leanne Clements

Leanne has a passion for technology and social media. She has a growing interest in writing and is keen to study the impact of social media on technology.

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  • http://about.me/neilhart Neil Hart

    Great tool, so excellent new feature – thanks guys! Quick question: how/where do we monitor conversions (as well as usual clicks) when using this via sendible? Previously we’ve monitored clicks in sendible and conversions in sniply (used selectively)? Also be good to have option to auto snip links to websites not on our domain, and normal bitly for our pages – or is there a way to use sniply for both, without the pop-over appearing on our own content? PS any limits to links snipped via sendible? Thanks.

    • http://sendible.com Gavin Hammar

      Thanks for your great feedback. We’re really excited about this launch! In the first version, you will have to go into your Sniply account to monitor conversions. However, we are already working on the next version, where you will be able to track conversions and view these in your Sendible reports. Already in this initial release, all Sniply links can be shortened into bitly links for additional tracking and reporting purposes. Will you be joining us at Wednesday’s launch webinar? Most of your questions will be answered there and it will also be awesome to get some of your thoughts live!

      • http://about.me/neilhart Neil Hart

        Webinar definitely in my diary – so fingers crossed! Meantime, be good to understand the process, as we currently have bitly auto shorten long links, and normally sniply pops up as an option after this – so how does ‘Sniply links can be shortened into bitly links for additional tracking and reporting’ work? Thanks.

        • Leanne Clements

          Hi Neil,

          Your sniply link will be treated as a normal link and so will automatically shorten and turn into a bit.ly link. (This is dependent on how links are set up to be treated in preferences)

          Hope this helps 🙂

  • Jason Hulott

    That’s great news. We should be using sniply more! I like the idea of templates so different types of themes of content can have a different ad and link – if I am reading right. Roll on next week!

  • http://www.friendlyconnect.com/ Friendly Connect

    Love the new tools! Please keep up the upgrades coming 🙂