It’s safe to say that social media changed the face of digital marketing. Before the arrival of platforms like Facebook or Twitter, brands couldn’t imagine being able to build such close relationships with their audiences or have real-time conversations with customers all over the world. The key to leveraging your presence on social networks is close monitoring of user activity – otherwise called social listening. Here’s a guide to social listening for improving your online marketing strategy.

Why listen to social media?

To fully benefit from everything social listening has to offer, you should have an idea about how other marketers apply insights gathered with social listening tools. Here’s what you can learn from listening to your audience:

• You’ll understand user behavior – paying close attention to topics your audience is talking about is the best strategy to gain valuable knowledge about their key problems and motivations. This can greatly impact your customer service. By providing solutions to specific issues, you’ll be able to significantly boost your content marketing as well.

• You’ll gain access to powerful marketing analytics – social listening is also a way to learn about your brand. You can see what is being said, who is saying it and where, or who are the main influencers in the sector. Leveraging such topic insights will improve your content marketing, SEO and PPC strategies.

• You’ll improve your agility – when it comes to social media, timing is everything. One report showed that 53% of consumers who tweet a brand expect a response within an hour. Reaction time is key for communication and building a positive brand image. Social listening is an excellent strategy for keeping tabs on your audience and quickly identifying problems or negative comments.

• You’ll build a community – social listening tools help to track conversations, detect leads, identify potential buyers and define key influencers in the sector. Knowing this, you’ll be able to interact with customers in a meaningful way and build a community of loyal followers around your brand.

• You’ll improve sales – keeping an eye on what’s happening on social media, you’ll uncover conversations which indicate users’ intent to purchase your product, at the same time monitoring your competitors and their social media feeds.

• You’ll develop better products or services – another advantage of listening to your audience are opportunities for improving your product and services. You’ll know what kinds of problems consumers have with your product or services and what could be done to avoid them.

By gathering and analyzing data from various social media channels, you’ll uncover a host of valuable insights which will revolutionize your branding strategy. But how to start your adventure with social listening?

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