Transforming the way the Technology sector manages Social Media

Social Media is a gold mine for the technology sector to generate new opportunities, partnerships, brand loyalty and a platform to monitor their brand reputation and offer enhanced customer service.

Why Social Media Management and the Technology Sector?

The technology, telecoms and software sector is a highly competitive marketplace, where brand loyalty can be minimal and users switching between services and solutions that best fit their current requirements is common place.

The buying cycle can be long due to lengthy contracts, licences and internal infrastructure. This in turn creates the need for businesses within this sector to regularly interact with customers and prospects to maintain brand loyalty and engage within the buying cycle.


Sourcing Prospects on Social Media made easy

Sendible is the definitive tool to source and engage with prospects across multiple social media sites, be this Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google +.

The technology and IT community are renowned for their networking and collaborating online, where word of mouth is a key influencer in the decision making process. Get directly involved with these conversations in real time with keyword monitoring and alerts. Use automation of posts to never miss an opportunity, search by keyword or geographic location and store key contacts to the Social CRM.

Brand Reputation is Key to the Technology Industry

Monitor what is being said about your brand or your competitors in real time across social media and the global web. People like to vent their frustration on social media, therefore it is imperative to be able to instantly intervene and interact with any negative publicity. Sendible identifies different sentiment and alerts you instantly.

More over positive comments and reviews can be powerful to gain new business and cement your reputation within the marketplace. Respond and share directly from Sendible's social media dashboard and use the powerful reporting tools to build a holistic view of your brand reputation online.

Content is King for Technology Industry

Technology is such a fast moving industry it is vital to keep customers and prospects updated with current news, releases and relevant content. Sendible's content recommendation engine looks back through your previous social media posts and recommends relevant articles and content for your to post. This is complemented by RSS integration to share 3rd party content to further enrich your social media posts.

Utilise Sendible's Canva integration provides a full design suite to increase engagement and shares within your social media activities.

Enhanced Social Media Workflow

Companies operating within the Technology Sector may have numerous employees contributing and managing their social media activities from a range of locations. Sendible uses intelligent workflow and collaboration functionality giving users different permission sets and access based on their role. This ensures the corporate social media activity is consistent and inline with company policy and tone. Users can be added and removed instantly when need,

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