Start Building With The Sendible API

Build your own applications that integrate with Sendible's easy-to-use RESTful API.


Version 1.0 of the Sendible API lets you write applications that can make use of Sendible's messaging technology to send and track social media, email and SMS messages across multiple platforms.

Sendible's open API currently supports a RESTful interface which means you can send an HTTP GET, POST or DELETE and you'll get an XML or JSON document in return.

Enhance your applications with Social Media, Email & SMS

Using our API, you'll be able to extend your application to:

  • Increase reach:
    Use our API to easily post out social media messages, emails and SMS from your applications.

  • Manage contacts:
    Access and manage your unified Sendible address book from your own application.

  • Access statistics:
    Retrieve and analyze your messaging reports and click statistics.

Where do I begin?

  1. Request an Application ID

    An Application ID will give your application access to the Sendible API.

  2. Browse the documentation

    Start with the API documentation and move on from there.

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